Sunday, September 4, 2011


Well I'm a dummy who didn't bring her camera out while running errands today. Because who knew that Sunday (that day where practically everything is closed in France) is perhaps the most wonderful day of the week here.

Pretty much just around the corner from me, the street was bustling with food shops with all of their goods out on display. Grocers, fish stands, bakeries, cheese shops, wine shops, you name it. And everyone had at least one baguette. I stopped at one particular boulangerie because of the delicious smell wafting from it and because of the immense line of people waiting for their fresh baguette.
My purchase. Not quite sure what it's called because the lady said it too quickly. But something to do with apples. I was hoping it was more of a savory pastry but alas, no. It was tasty, though.

Will need to find a nice straw basket/tote for my future farmer's market/grocery purchases. Saw several ladies carrying them and they looked quite lovely.

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