Sunday, September 4, 2011

and the eating begins...

but just barely.
I actually would have walked right past if it hadn't been for the line going out the door. Everything was so beautiful that I will have to go back 1 or 15 more times. But for now, I sampled the Rose, Pistachio and Jasmin flavored macarons. The Jasmin was my favorite; it was dusted with silver powder of some sort and left my fingers all shimmery after I was done.
(Pardon the bad focus of the pictures, it was about to rain and the sky was very dark)

I haven't actually sat down at a restaurant and had a real meal yet. I know, I know, what have I been doing? But to be fair, I haven't set up a bank account yet and I need practically all my money that I brought with me for rent. So I've been living on pastries and fruit.
Will have to return for what are reputably the best macarons in.. the world?

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