Monday, November 14, 2011

Lunchin in the loft

I had the most wonderful lunch this Sunday, courtesy of my friend Peter for discovering/booking it and to a new friend, Miss Lunch, for cooking it. I went with four friends, and joining us were a couple as well as a fellow blogger from Australia and a young couple from Norway, all visiting Paris for a bit.

We sat down after an aperitif of Prosecco to find this tasty Rocquefort pastry already on our plates!

The tiniest spons ever! (for the salt and pepper)

1st course: A salad of celery, radish, quail eggs, capers, onions, and topped with voie de couchon (if I remember correctly), which is pig liver.
2nd we had sole with clams and I believe leeks. Oh how it made me miss seafood.
We all got curious to see the (wo)man behind the curtain.
3rd was foie gras stuffed with a melange of nuts and some kind of dried fruit (wow I did not do a good job of taking note what was described each time the dishes came out). This was my first time having foie gras like this. It was delicious, but quite rich.

4th was roasted quail accompanied by black-eyed peas and cinnamon-roasted quince. This was my favorite dish, I think largely in part to the quince. It was my first time having it and the flavor was very much like sweet potato (which I LOVE) only a little juicier and fruitier/tart.
Miss Lunch checking up on us! She was too cute.
5th was dessert! AKA my favorite meal. It was a pear and almond coulis with passion fruit garnish. Absolutely wonderful.
Of course not without an accompanying slice of orange-scented polenta/almond cake.

5-course gourmet lunch in a loft in Paris. Ya know, just the usual.

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  1. Ohmygod that looks divine! And Peter as in Lee? This looks like such a cute place :)